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Case Banverket

Plockmatic 1000 Booklet making system at Banverket

”After 6 months of production on the 1000 system we confidently say we are really pleased with reliability and booklet quality.”

About Banverket, The Swedish Rail Administration:

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Banverket, Swedish Rail Administration, has overall responsibility for the rail transport system in Sweden. This sectoral responsibility covers not only conventional railways but also underground railways and lightrail systems. Banverket leads and follows developments in the rail sector and assists the Government and Parliament on issues that concern the entire rail transport system. Within the framework of its sectoral responsibility, Banverket shall be coordinating, supportive and driving in relation to the other parties concerned.
Please find more details about Banverket on www.banverket.se

The print department:

The 6 people strong print department manages the digital printed volume produced for Banverket.
Postal and distribution is also included in this department. They produce all sorts of digitally produced material from business cards, booklets to roll-ups.

The application/applications:

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Banverket print department produces color as well as monochrome publications.
There is a wide array of different types of information document that Banverket produces for public as well as professional purposes.
Total print volume is 900.000 color impressions and 4.000.000 monochrome impressions. A substantial part of this volume is finished in to booklets.
Almost all color production is printed on SRA3 with a lot of it being silk quality paper.

The equipment:

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    Tomas Elvhage and Ragnar Hansen in front of the 1000 System

The print room has 1 x Xerox DocuColor 5000 (color), 1x DocuColor 250 and 2 x Xerox 4110 (b/w) digital printers.
The Plockmatic 1000 System effortlessly handles all the booklet making needs.

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The Plockmatic 1000 System is fully configured with VF1008 vacuum feeder/collator, BM2000 Booklet Maker, FTR2000 Trimmer and SQF2000 Squarefold. They also have a wide range of other various finishing machines to cover other types of finishing needs.

Benefits of the Plockmatic 1000 Booklet making System:

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    Ragnar Hansen behind the Plockmatic 1000 system

The Print Department manager Ragnar Hansen says:
“I like to say we are overall happy with the system.
With production started on the PL 1000 system since the install in October we feel really confident with the booklet quality and the reliability.
The PL1000 System is also easy to set up and matches our digital printers well. We like the flexibility, it the VF1008 handles digitally printed silk material really well. We like the off-line / near line solution because it fits our needs, its flexible and handles material from all our print sources. The systems relatively small footprint enabled us to place it conveniently in our print room saving space and enabling a smooth work flow, there are many pallets of paper that flows through the print room. Because of the small foot print and the fact that the PL 1000 System covers the booklet making needs from all our printers we were able to locate all printers and finishers in one production room. We thereby enabled a better working environment with a separated distribution and office area.”

Interview and site visit was done on April 23th by Ulf Forsberg and Dag Nedeby from Plockmatic International AB, present was also Tomas Elvhage Account Manager representing Kontur Document Systems AB (Swedish Plockmatic distributor), Ragnar Hansen manager print department Banverket.