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Plockmatic 300 Booklet making system at Kph in Sweden

“The friction feed with air assist in the ACF510 feeder/collator has proven to be really reliable and fast specifically on the digitally produced silk paper.”

About Kph:

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Kph Trycksaksbolaget is a privately held printing company in Uppsala Sweden with a subsidiary unit in Upplands Väsby (a business intensive northern suburb of Stockholm).
Kph Trycksaksbolaget offers their customers a full service concept in regards to printing ranging from large format engineering drawings to printing and copying.
Kph has well renowned history that dates back to the 1980ies and now employs 24 people. The Upplands Väsby operation started in 1990 is managed by Mr Timo Manninen and employs 4 people that operate independently with the benefits of a bigger company.
A major part of the customer base is from local businesses, corporate as well as public sector.
Kph is also a member of the nationwide network of print shops “Intercopy” and thereby able to support clients throughout Sweden.
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The printing facility:

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Digital printing production in monochrome is mainly done on multiple Gestner 105-12 with On-Line Plockmatic booklet makers devises and colour on Canon 7000VP. The Plockmatic 300 Booklet making system stands conveniently placed with other finishing machines.
They have capabilities to produce finishing applications and equipment for wire-o, lamination, drilling, folding, guillotine.
Large format printers for engineering and poster applications are also substantial part of their business.

The application/applications:

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Kph produces colour as well as monochrome publications digitally whereof the colour is the true majority with around 70%. As much as 30-40% could be booklet making applications.
Significant for most of the jobs are short turnaround times and relatively short runs, around 100 – 300 sets usually.
Applications are mostly in A4 colour with full bleed, printed on SRA3 pre-cut in the guillotine to 450×297mm (top+bottom cut off) before loaded to booklet making system. On occasion the booklet making system is also used for fold only applications.
The substrate most commonly used is SRA3 130-170 gsm silk. Other weights, sizes and qualities are also used.

The equipment:

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Kph uses a Plockmatic 300 system. The 300 system consist of ACF 510 air assisted friction feed feeder/collator, BM 2000 booklet maker with trimmer and SquareFold. The Plockmatic 300 systems successfully replaced a dated Duplo vacuum system that did not perform.

Benefits of the Plockmatic 300 System:

With the Plockmatic 300 System Booklet makers in use for some months Kph’s t Operations Manager Timo Manninen confidently says:

“The hybrid feature that enables s both collating and feeding is great feature; it makes the machine very flexible. The friction feed with air assist in the ACF510 feeder/collator has proven to be really reliable and fast specifically on the digitally produced silk paper. The ease of use is defiantly one of the strong points with the 300 system; it’s very easy and fast to change between jobs. The competitive price point was a key to our decision to get the 300 system. Overall productivity is also important, the ACF 510 feeds very fast.”

Interview and site visit was done on February 11th by Ulf Forsberg from Plockmatic International AB with Timo Manninen Site Operations Manager at Kph, present was also Göran Jonsson Key operator at Kph, Bo Larson Business Development Manager from Neopost Sweden, Tommy Jönsson from Plockmatic International AB.