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Plockmatic AF2000 Booklet Making system at NRA

“Feeding digitally printed silk coated media that has been proven to be difficult in other equipment is very reliable in the AF602”.

About NRA:

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NRA is a privately held printing company in Umeå northern Sweden.
NRA was founded in 1956 providing reprographic services in the region.
NRA´s business operation today consists of 3 segments that each represents roughly 1/3 of the total turnover. The sectors are:
• Signage
• Large format printing
• Print

NRA offers a wide and complete range of services in all these sectors.

Since the start in 1956 NRA has undergone many changes in a constant strive to exceed customer expectations build on investments and implementation in the latest technology along with customer focused and motivated personal.
Most of the customer base is local and thereby build on trust and long term relationship serving many small and large customers in various industries.
The operation employs a total of 22 people that work in different lines of work.

Managing director and part owner Christer Karlsson confidently believes that help they strongly believe

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The Digital printing:

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    Managing Director Christer Karlsson in front of the Plockmatic AF2000 Booklet Making System

The Digital printing represents 1/3 of the business for NRA so it’s clearly a very important area.
Digital production printing is done on Canon imagePRESS C7000VP, C6010VP for colour and a Canon imagePRESS 1135 for monochrome.
NRA have chosen a combination of InLine and OffLine finishing to optimize the workflow, InLine for the more static monochrome work and OffLine for flexibility for colour production. The print production operation is managed by 4 persons whereof 1 is dedicated to finishing work.

The application/applications:

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    For the crease and fold jobs NRA is a satisfied user of the Morgana DigiFold Pro

NRA produces colour as well as monochrome publications digitally whereof the colour prints accounts for vast majority of it. Approximately 50% are booklet making applications. Colour prints are usually various marketing collaterals like brochures.
The vast majority is printed in SRA3/A3 and then processed in to A4 final size booklets.

Different types of SRA3 size substrates are being used whereof a lot is of today’s popular silk coated media in the 120-250 gsm weight range.

The SquareFold feature is greatly appreciated since it makes nice look and feel to the booklets and is applied to both monochrome and colour jobs.

The equipment:

NRA uses a AF2000 Booklet Making System
The AF2000 system consist of AF602 air assisted production feeder, BM2000 booklet maker, Face trimmer and SquareFold.

Benefits of the Plockmatic AF2000 Booklet Making System:

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    The System AF2000S with its high capacity dual bin feeder offers a flexible solution for a wide range of booklet types and sizes

With the AF2000 Booklet Making System in use for some time NRA´s Managing Director Christer Karlsson confidently says:
“We have been satisfied with previous equipment and the relation with the Sales Representative so it was a natural choice.”
“The AF602 feeder fits really well in with our digital production workflow, the high capacity bins are easy to load an allows for long uninterrupted runs as well as shorter run length jobs”.
“Feeding digitally printed silk coated media that has been proven to be difficult in other equipment is very reliable in the AF602”.

Interview and site visit was done on November 18th 2014 by Ulf Forsberg from Plockmatic International AB with Christer Karlsson Managing Director at NRA.

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