Plockmatic 200 Booklet making system at SAIC, China

After 8 months of production on the 200 System we can truly say we are really satisfied with the system

About SAIC

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The State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) of the People’s Republic of China is the competent authority of ministerial level directly under the State Council in charge of market supervision/regulation and related law enforcement through administrative means. With creating a regulated and harmonized market environment of fairness, justice and faithfulness for the coordinated socioeconomic development as its objective,

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    SAIC motto is:
    - Security first
    - Quality first
    - Service first

SAIC functions in maintaining market order and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of businesses and consumers by carrying out regulations in the fields of enterprise registration, competition, consumer protection, trademark protection and combating economic illegalities. SAIC also takes charge in business coordination among local Administrations for Industry and Commerce (AICs) at/below provincial level nation wide, and gives relevant guidance thereof.

The print department:

There are 20 people working in the print department, most of them are working with the printers. They also distribute the finished documents and/or booklets.

The application/applications:

SAIC uses most black and white printed documents. Sometimes they use a color cover. Most of the print volume is made into booklets. An average job is a booklet of a couple of sheets, A4 80 gsm. Total booklets per year is appr 125 000.

The equipment:

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The print department has
1 x FujiXerox Nuvera (b/w),
1 x FujiXerox 2650 and
3 x Hamada offset printers.

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The Plockmatic 200 System is configured with C510 collator and BM200 booklet maker.

Benefits of the Plockmatic 200 booklet making system:

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The Print Department manager, Mr Jun Wang says:
“I like to say we are very satisfied with the system.
With production started since Septmeber last year we feel really confident with the booklet quality and the reliability.”

”The PL200-system is not only working excellent, it also has a very nice design. This was another reason why we bought the system, not to mention the after sales service provided by SUPT” says deputy manager Mrs Ana Wang. ”The systems small footprint enabled us to place it conveniently in our booklet making room saving space and enabling a smooth work flow.”

Mr Wang continues: “The system didn’t have the best price compared to the competition but the fully automatic set up and ease of use was outstanding. Because everything is controlled by the displays it is very user friendly.”

Interview and site visit was done on May 14th by Lucas Barthelson from Plockmatic International AB, present was also Michael Ruan Managing director representing Shanghai Unis Printing Technology (Chinese Plockmatic distributor) and Jun Wang director print department SAIC.