Plockmatic 4000 Mailing system at STIM

Looking for a flexible, reliable and user friendly mailing system STIM found what they were looking for in Plockmatic’s 4000 Mail Insertion System.

About STIM:

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STIM is a not-for-profit copyright collecting society, and owned by its members – copyright owners.
STIM protects the economic rights of Swedish and foreign composers, arrangers, songwriters and their publishers. When works are performed publicly or recorded, STIM collects the fees and distributes them as royalties to copyright owners.
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The facility management department:

The 4 people strong department that manages office machines, printing and IT, etc. produces and manages printed material that is send out to the members and license customers. The print room/central reprographic unit is also managed by this department.

The application/applications:

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STIM communicates with it’s members and license customers as well as new applicants for license. For that purpose various forms need to be sent out.
Ongoing billing and payment is not part of this. Outsourcing big volumes of either printing and/or envelope insertion is rarely a problem but for those mid size volumes that are way too large to hand feed but still too small to outsource it’s a challenge. STIM wants to keep those volumes in-house for control and effectiveness of the communication. The major part of the production is one to a few sheets folded A4 in to European C5 size envelope. The variety of the production also calls for C4 size envelopes (some applications call for unfolded A4)
Fast turnaround times are a key factor for those applications.

The equipment:

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The print room has a Ricoh 110ppm monochrome printer and a Xerox 35ppm minute color printer. Letter heads and envelopes are offset pre-printed.

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The Plockmatic 4000 Mail Insertion system is fully equipped with folding unit and high capacity belt stacker. STIM could effortlessly produce as much as 8,000 mail insertions in a day on the PL 4000 system.

Benefits of the Plockmatic 4000 Mail Insertion System:

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    Johan Roos, Daniel Nordström and Ulf Forsberg

Daniel Nordström purchasing manager and key operator of the system says:
“We have been looking for an inserting system for a long time, flexible enough to easily handle C4 as well as C5 size envelopes. A machine larger and more effective than table top inserters but still small and cost effective enough to fit our production. It is also difficult to outsource smaller runs of inserting like 500 pieces or so. Our previous smaller inserter was not big enough for that and did not handle C5&C4 changes effectively. What used to take a day is now done in 2 hours, from receiving the print file to ready to mail envelopes. The in-house production of these types of jobs is unbeatably fast and convenient compared to outsourcing. The flexibility of the PL4000 system, hand feeding of odd stocks (even CD´s) ensures we have a machine flexible enough for our future needs. We are really happy with the PL 4000 it has proven to be very effective, jams are virtually nonexistent”.

Interview and site visit was done on March 13th by Ulf Forsberg and Dag Nedeby from Plockmatic International AB. Present was also Johan Roos Account Manager from Kontur Document Systems AB (Swedish Plockmatic distributor) and Daniel Nordström purchase manager and key operator STIM.