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Plockmatic 1000 Booklet making system at Taurus, Czech Republic

We actually run almost everything we print on the 1000 System, offset prints almost always needs to be sorted regardless if its compiled to a booklet, perfect bound book or just stapled.

About Taurus Publishing House:

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    Petr Stefek Print Specialist at Taurus Publishing House, Roman Jelinek from Repro International and Jiri Bergman Director at Taurus Publishing House

Taurus is an independent printing facility for the Czech Ministry of Education and is located in the centre of the city in Prague Czech Republic. Some additional jobs (20%) are from external customers although Taurus does not compete openly on the market. TAURUS Publishing House (DNT) is a publishing entity focusing on the area of education. It has its own graphic studio and printing-works. TAURUS publishes statistical yearbooks, the most important documents of education (supporting publishing the reform of the school leaving exam), informs of interested parties about the IIE in important international projects (TAURUS has been a part of Information on Education since 1998).

The printing and graphic facility:

All in all Taurus consist of 15 people. Taurus is a fully featured offset printing facility that produces high quality printed material of many various types. They use 3 presses 1x 1 color, 1x 2 color and 1x 4 color. All plates etc are produced in house.

The application/applications:

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Taurus produces high quality color as well as monochrome publications. There are about 40 education-related publications published by TAURUS every year for the public. TAURUS also publishes specialized professional publications, in particular pedagogical publications. Examples of publications are various information documents for the ministry of education. All in a vide variety of sizes and different substrates (most being typical offset quality), some monochrome some in full color. It could be booklets, perfect bound books & leaflets.

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During the Czech Presidency of the European Union in 2008/2009 the demand and volumes increased a lot for Taurus. With this type of high visibility the quality standards that needed to be met were naturally very high. Document size varies and could be anything from finished small A6 (105×148mm) and 100×210mm booklets to A4 (210×297mm) booklets or folds including custom sizes. Media types used ranging from 80gsm and up to 300gsm for covers some also with coating applied. The squarefold feature is very much appreciated since it makes consistent look between perfect bounds books and booklets.

The equipment:

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The print room is fully equipped with cutters, perfect bound, wrappers, coating machines. Only UV coating is done externally. The Plockmatic 1000 System equipped with 3 collator towers effortlessly handles all the booklet making needs. The 1000 systems also takes care of all the collating needs when producing perfect bound books. The Plockmatic 1000 System is fully configured with 3 collating VF 1008 vacuum feeder/collator towers, BM 2000 Booklet Maker, FTR 2000 Trimmer and SQF 2000 Squarefold.

Benefits of the Plockmatic 1000 Booklet making System:

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    Petr Stefek Print Specialist at Taurus Publishing House and Roman Jelinek from Repro International

With the PL 1000 system in use for 2 years Taurus, Petr STEFEK Printing specialist and Jiri BERGMAN Director at Taurus confidently says:
“The Plockmatic 1000 System runs really well on all of our offset printed material from light weight to thick coated covers. The paper weights we run varies from 60gsm to 300gsm. Its real easy top set up the machine for different types and weights of paper. We actually run almost everything we print on the 1000 System, offset prints almost always needs to be sorted regardless if its compiled to a booklet, perfect bound book or just stapled. The physical size of the PL1000 system, relatively small foot print was a key decision factor for us, all competitive solutions are bigger and more expensive. The price point verses features was very attractive. The Squarefold feature is really beneficial for two reasons;
1. the booklets matches our perfect bound books in appearance for a consistent look.
2. Its real easy when we are packaging booklets in boxes for shipping since it saves both time and space. All together it fits very well in to type of run lengths and production volumes we have here.”

Interview and site visit was done on July 3rd by Ulf Forsberg from Plockmatic International AB, with assistance from Roman Jelinek from Repro International. From Taurus Jiri BERGMAN Director at Taurus and Petr STEFEK Printing Specialist.