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Plockmatic Pro30 Booklet Making System at TGH TiemannGrafikHohenlohe KG in Germany

“The integrated SquareFold is a real nice feature that enhances the product we deliver. Being able to staple and fold up 30 sheets is great for our manual production. Short turn around time and ease of use fits our needs perfect.”

About TGH TiemannGrafikHohenlohe KG:

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TGH Design in Künzelsau Germany is a company with a proud heritage dating back to 1823. TGH holds a strong local position and provides a wide variety of printing and publishing services to companies in the area. Mr Bernhard Tiemann took over the company in 1999 and has since then continuously developed the company into a modern print and publishing facility. The company now employs 7 people. They have a strong customer base with companies in the manufacturing industry from the same area.
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The printing facility:

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    TGH Design General Manager Mr. Bernhard Tiemann

In 2005 TGH expanded their capabilities with digital printing equipment to complement the offset production. The digital printing equipment has been continuously updated to keep up with industry capabilities.
Recognising the growing demand for digital print, TGH Design produces high quality documents, such as marketing brochures and manuals.
Using a mix of digital and offset technology, TGH is able to optimize their workflow based on quality requirements, run length, page count, etc.
The digital portion of the business now accounts for 50% of the revenue, due to changing trends of shorter run lengths and quicker turnaround times.

The applications:

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TGH Design produces colour as well as monochrome publications digitally. Monochrome User and Service Manuals produced just-in-time, in multiple languages, is one main application.
Most of the jobs are short turn around time with various run lengths. A significant number of the applications are booklets between 8 sheets (32 pages) and 30 sheets (120 pages).
The professional booklet quality of the SquareFold allows for printing on the spine. The user-friendly control panel provides Language options and easy to navigate functions.

The equipment:

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    Mr. Bernhard Tiemann and Mr. Holger Maske

The digital production at TGH is done on two Xerox DocuColor printers and a Xerox Nuvera 120 printer with the Plockmatic Pro30 booklet maker, including trimmer and SquareFold.

Benefits of the Plockmatic Pro30 Booklet maker:

With the Nuvera/ Pro30 Booklet maker solution in use for almost 6 months, TGH Design General Manager Bernhard Tiemann confidently says:
“The integrated SquareFold is a real nice feature that enhances the product we deliver. Being able to staple and fold up 30 sheets is great for our Manuals production. With the short turn around time required in our production, the ease of use and the productivity of the system really fits our needs perfect.”

Interview and site visit was done on October 14th by Ulf Forsberg from Plockmatic International AB with Mr Bernhard Tiemann, General Manager at TGH Design.
E-mails for reference can be directed to Mr. Bernhard Tiemann or Heike Höhne Account Manager with Xerox partner TDG – The Document Group GmbH.