Plockmatic STR300 Booklet making system at Kopieringsbolaget in Halmstad, Sweden

“For us that prints a lot of SRA3 oversize that needs to be trimmed down the full bleed trimming feature on the STR300 is truly beneficial that ensures a productive work flow.”

About Kopieringsbolaget:

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Kopieringsbolaget is a privately held printing company in Halmstad, south Sweden.
Kopieringsbolaget was founded in 1965 by the current owners father. They started out with copy services but quickly added offset printing to their offerings. All production is nowadays digital.
Kopieringbolaget offers a wide range of graphic services ranging from design, pre-press, large format, signage, engineering prints, digital prints and finishing.
The operation employs a total of 17 people that work in different lines of work like pre-press/graphic design, large format (signage rollups etc), engineering drawings and digital print.
Managing director and owner Lars Sandberg confidently says that they always have been early adaptors to new technology that has been a key part of developing the business over the years. Kopieringbolaget also have strong local presence serving many small and large customers in various private industries as well as public sector.
Kopieringbolaget is a member of the nationwide network of print shops “Intercopy” and thereby able to support clients throughout Sweden.
Please find more details about Kopieringbolaget on www.kopieringsbolaget.se

The Digital printing:

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    Lars Sandberg and Sten-Åke Volden

The Digital printing represents 40-50% of the business for Kopieringsbolaget so it’s clearly an important area.
Digital production printing is done on 2 x Canon imagePRESS C7000 VP for colour and a Canon 7105 for monochrome
They have chosen to do finishing OffLine since it makes most sense for the workflow with the great variety of jobs they handle.

The application/applications:

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    Sten-Åke Volden and Lars Sandberg examing the output on the STR 300 System

Kopieringsbolaget produces colour as well as monochrome publications digitally whereof the colour prints accounts for vast majority of it. Approximately 20% are booklet making applications.
Significant for most of the jobs are the short turnaround times and relatively short runs.
Almost everything is printed in SRA3 and then processed in to various final size booklets.
Obviously a lot of that A4 booklets colour with full bleed, printed on SRA3 trimmed down to A4 booklets in the Plockmatic STR 300.
Many different SRA3 substrates are being used ranging from 100 to 250gsm weights, coated and non-coated stocks.
The SquareFold feature is greatly appreciated since it makes nice look and feel to the booklets.
Kopieringsbolaget have developed a web application called “kbfoto” enabling customers to create their own photo books whereof many are finished in the STR 300 System.

The equipment:

Kopieringsbolaget uses a Plockmatic 300 STR system for full bleed applications. The 300 system consist of ACF510 air assisted friction feed feeder/collator, BM2000 booklet maker, Face trimmer, STR2000 side trim module and SquareFold.

Benefits of the Plockmatic STR300 System:

With the Plockmatic STR 300 Booklet making system in use for some time Kopieringsbolaget´s Owner and Managing Director Lars Sandberg confidently says:
“We have been satisfied with previous equipment from Plockmatic so they were a natural choice. In fact, we have been running Plockmatic products since the late 70’s. Our experience with the dealer and their local support is good. For us that prints a lot of SRA3 oversize that needs to be trimmed down the full bleed trimming feature on the STR300 is truly beneficial that ensures a productive work flow. Photo book applications runs great on the STR300 with fold rollers that ensures no marking even on sensitive paper stocks.”

Interview and site visit was done on September 11th 2012 by Ulf Forsberg from Plockmatic International AB with Lars Sandberg Managing Director at Kopieringsbolaget , present was also Sten-Åke Volden Key operator at Kopieringsbolaget.

Mr. Lars Sandberg
Mr. Bo Larson