Mailing systems

The Plockmatic Reflex

  • 250x350

A cost effective modular direct mail inserting system for most mail applications.

Plockmatic Reflex is a modular concept offering maximum flexibility to meet most direct mail demands. Able to fill envelopes with up to 12 mm (0.5") of documents. Can handle most envelope types – long edge or short edge flaps and from C4 down to DL type. Designed to handle up to 250 000 inserts per month. Active marketing entails communication and getting your message across to your target group. The direct mail market is steadily growing and is today the most preferred communication method according to recent studies when spams and call-block lists limit internet and telemarketing.

Plockmatic MF 4000 Mailfeeder

  • 250x350

The MF 4000 is the basic unit in the feeder module. With the option to integrate up to 3 different modules there is always the possibility to build the system to match your mailing needs. Choose any combination of the TF 4000 TowerFeeder and the BF 4000 BookletFeeder.

Plockmatic TF 4000 Towerfeeder

  • 250x350

A 3 (optional) – 6 bin feeder/collator for feeding of single sheet documents from 60 up to 200 gsm (16 lb Bond to 110 lb Index). Various feeding options – collator, feeder or cascade mode. Feed trays with 28 mm (1.1") or high capacity 70 mm (2.75") (optional) filling capacity. Double sheet and miss sheet detection. Automatic tray lift for easy handling and facilitating load on the run in feeder mode. Flexible OMR reader, barcode and 2 D reader (optional), a must for personalized mailings.

Plockmatic BF 4000 Bookletfeeder

  • 250x350

The booklet feeder module can feed from single sheets up to 8 mm (0.31") thick booklets. Filling capacity is an impressive 150 mm (5.9"). Bottom feed ensures continuous loading. Extremely easy to set up the document separation – place the document under the separators, release the separators and lock them. Ready to go.

Plockmatic MFF 4000 Multifunction folder

  • 250x350

The MFF 4000 is a robust multifunction folder able to do half-, C- and Z-folds of single or multi page documents. The MFF 4000 is equipped with an accumulator and alignment station before folding for accurate folding of multiplied sheets. With the fully automated multi function folder you can easily mix folded material with non folded material as thick booklets into the same envelope. The three fold pockets gives you a versatile folder that accommodates the address carrier to be printed either face up or face down.

Plockmatic DMI 4000 Inserter

  • 250x350

The system’s heart – the inserter with flexibility to handle most envelope sizes available. Whether they are long flap or short flap, large sized to accommodate flats or down to smaller DL type envelopes the DMI 4000 can do it. Inserting speed of up to 3600 per hour and built to handle volumes of up to 250 000 inserts monthly. The standard generic user interface facilitates the operation. This is where you do most of your set up work for all modules in the system.
The 10” Colour Touch Screen (optional) makes it even easier to set up the system. With a few touches you are up and running in less then a minute.

Plockmatic BST 4000 Beltstacker

  • 250x350

A high capacity stacker capable of stacking all the various inserting jobs the system can process. Stacks up to 2500 envelopes. Can be positioned inline, left or right angled. Adjustable sensor for setting the envelope separation for easy unloading.

Plockmatic SF 4000 Sheetfeeder

  • 250x350

The SF 4000 Sheetfeeder is an extremely flexible high capacity feeder with OMR, barcode or 2D reading options. It turns the Plockmatic 4000 system into a powerful inserting system for invoices, statements and other documents requiring tracking and insertion verification. It feeds document sizes up to A4 (8.5×11”) in both short edge first (SEF) or Long Edge First (LEF) into the 4000 system. Unique to this class, the 4000 system can insert these documents into either pocket or wallet style envelopes and securely seal them. The SF 4000 runs up to 21 000 sheets/h and the integrated loader module holds up to
4 000 sheets.
And yes – it can be loaded during the run.

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